Jiguur Grand Group | President’s Messenge
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President’s Messenge

President of Jiguur Grand Group, Meritorious Constructer, Hero of Labor

I am pleased to greet you at this special time of the 33th Anniversary of the “Jiguur Grand Group”. The event of establishing the private sector’s “Jiguur” cooperative composed of five members in 1989 when the centrally planned economic reforms had been actively accomplished and the sounds of democracy had been coming to Mongolia has become a start of today’s “Jiguur Grand Group”. Henceforth, as our country has started transiting to a market economy, we have changed and renewed the activities of our cooperative and focused on building construction sector. Today, that tiny little cooperative has successfully grown and expanded to the microdistrict has successfully expanded to a larger creator and constructor group at the national level that has occupied its own position in the sectors of building construction, health, entertainment, trade, food products’ manufacturing and service, tourism and recreational facilities.

We, the Jiguur Grand’s colleagues have been working by striving at all times to be the leader in the sector where we work, especially, aiming at creating and constructing with our own hands as Mongolian man stay as the owner of our mother land. In addition, we have been laboring by maintaining the primary goal to bring the health service to the world level which is the most precious thing of every person’s life.


General Director of Jiguur Grand Group

Jiguur Grand Group is one of the top construction company in Mongolia, our projects are known by its high quality, well planned and designed to suit the customers needs. Our Projects are rising in all the corners of Ulaanbaatar and it is awarded: Best Project of Year and Mongolia’s Best Developer and TOP 100 and many more… The main driving force of our company is the team of our professional, the construction sector is considered as one of the largest business sectors in Mongolia. It doesn’t only provide housing to families and households, but also provides workplaces for many laborers. I have been actively working in the construction sector for more than 10 years and I’ve gained notable experience and understanding about construction industry. Even though it’s rare for woman to compete with men in this business sector, as a citizen of Ulaanbaatar, I have a dream of making a very valuable contribution to the development of our city – Ulaanbaatar. Real estate purchase is one of the major procurement and investments, that person can make in his lifetime. Therefore, we have decided to turn this serious decision into opportunity, so that our clients won’t regret investing into our company. Jiguur Grand Group will build with passion, diligence and attention to details. We want to build safe and eco – friendly buildings, using the best quality construction materials, paying extra attention to decoration, design and comfort.

It’s important to have a pride in what you and be passionate and give it all to succeed…